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When talking about who is the best player in history

When talking about who is the best player in history, Salar said, “I’ll tell you about some of the great players they loved as children, including Zidane, Ronaldo, and Totti. They were all like when I was a child. I like to FIFA 18 Coins watch them play football,” Salah continued. “I’m very fortunate. I can play with Totti in Rome. Our relationship is very good. I’m still a friend. I haven’t seen it before. Maradona and Bailey play."

When looking ahead to the Champions League final, Salah said, "Most people think that this game is much easier for Real Madrid, but in fact we have eliminated Manchester City, we have eliminated Rome, and they are all good. I'm excited about this final, it's a final and it's a winning game. Everyone in the city is excited and everyone in the club is excited about it. I wouldn’t say it myself. The dream is to play in the Champions League final, because when I was young, I wouldn't see the future, but I dreamed of becoming a professional player and I made a lot of sacrifices for this, even now, I hope to be a big player. This is what the club does," added Salah. "Every season, your dreams will grow bigger. In the past two or three years, my dream is to play in the Champions League final. At the moment, I not only dream of playing. Champions League final and hope to win the championship.
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