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Blade & Soul: Raiding in Soulstone Plains

Now this is something I don't think many people have seen or experienced, particularly in lower population servers or if you're on the side that doesn't have as many players. You need a full channel (and I mean hard-cap full) to do this, so around 40-50ish people. Everyone needs to get at least 51 prestige to tap the first drum in the faction camp next to the Merchant/Vault/Exchange NPCs to get a buff that will help you against either Ak Bul (for Crimsons) or Hwang Gwi (for Ceruleans).The 101 buff helps even more as it gives evolved defense, something that will greatly assist in your survivability. HP is recommended to be above 60k+.

What exactly are Ak Bul and Hwang Gwi? Well if you look to the middle top of your screen in SSP you'll see their names, a prestige symbol and a number next to it. The number is how much prestige these bosses have, and it accumulates as people lose prestige through deaths (could have other factors, don't know much about it yet). In bigger servers its not uncommon to see Ak Bul or Hwang Gwi have 50k+ prestige. All that prestige on one boss. Split between even 50 people doing equal damage, that's about 1k prestige each (aka a shitton of soulstones/contribution points).

The hard part, however, is getting ready for it and killing them. Once you've gathered your little army of 40+ people, you want everyone to have at least 51 prestige to activate the drum buffs, 101 to be safe. Once that is done you glide into the base on top of one of the tents. Then you slaughter every living thing inside the base so that they do NOT interfere when you initiate the fight against Hwang Gwi/Ak Bul. This includes killing the Archer guards on the front wall of the base, the NPCs, the patrolling guards and the Base Leaders (good time to get this quest done too). Once the base is squeaky clean you can start the fight.

The bosses have I think 66 million-ish HP (off the top of my head), but also importantly they also have an enrage timer of 7 minutes or so. They are Terrors, so their outgoing damage, without the 101 drum buff, will be unreal. If you don't have ANY drum buff, they will also keep stacking a debuff on you which will instantly kill you when you hit 10 stacks of it. Think of them like Terrors, except they make the Terrors that you've faced before look about as harmless as Golden Pigs. Once you do kill them, enjoy your boatload of prestige and cash it in.

I wish I had a screenshot of the time I did this, because it was quite staggering to see people walking around with 1700+ prestige after the kill.

That's the end of the guide for now, might update it later if people request information that I didn't cover. Suggestions for improvement to the guide or anything I might have missed are more than welcome.

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