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Blade & Soul Guide: How to beat the Bot?

Recently some new players confused with beating bots,Here is a guide that can help you.

A lot of destroyer bots are configured differently but the reason they are easy is because they will always tab the first stun on them, and always F the first daze/knock down on them. This means that you can stun them, iframe or block their trinket (tab) daze, and from there you can start your Blade Call combo.If you need buy blade and soul gold to upgrade your weapon,you can visit our website.

It will be important to know how to tech chase with them and to make sure you stay away from their typhoon. Spam q or e while you run away, depending on which stance you are in. Unlike real destroyers, they will continue to typhoon until they are out of focus regardless of your proximity.

Also, you can't spam your block on them when they are in melee range because they grab very fast, this means you need to use your block better than you would against your usual gold human destroyer. You can also block and instantly cancel with LMB or Q/E/SS if they don't hit into parry as it will consume their grab CD with you resisting it.

Remember that you can Knockdown their Fury.

Start with glide...they will usually go right under you. If they use their red spin, keep gliding and run away for awhile til it goes away. If not, RMB on top of them for a stun, which they always tab out of and then immediately spin or grab you....don't worry about it, generally the dmg dealt here is minimal.

I'm not going to give you specific steps because it can be different depending on bot and sometimes unless you get timing right, you can't pull off all those steps exactly. But here are some basic ideas.

1. lure out their tab and F-roll skills. Once that's done, air combo and before using rising falcon, start blade call. When they land, get into draw stance and spam LMB/RMB, lightning draw, flash step don't have to be perfect, but if you do this right, you should take down a good 50-60% of HP at least.

2. when they're spinning, use z to draw them in then x to knock them down. draw stance to deal some dmg in this time.

3. when they're shield blocking, use x to break shield and knock them down or stun them and do some dmg.

4. If your blade call comes off CD and they have less than 15% health left, you can probably just start it and block...they'll walk right into it and after 5 seconds start getting hit and die.

5. Use your block a lot...they will hit into you a lot and cause your parry to stun them for some free dps/air combo. Sometimes they will grab you but whatever..just let it does very little damage and they usually finish the grab with a knockdown that you can f-roll out of.

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